Drill My Hole Review

Drill My Hole is definitely one of the greatest gay sites on the internet. It features some really hot porn stars and they are involved in absolutely fantastic sex scenes. The models are carefully selected and the scenarios are carefully written so the videos aren’t monotonous. Especially important is that all of the porn stars are very well hung and extremely skilful and experienced in this kind of action, so it is pretty easy to figure out how it is simply amazing in terms of quality. There are some scenes that will leave you speechless when you see them as they are immensely hot. Read more...


Vicious buttfuck and a gaping hole

Some gay couples are really vicious in their sex encounters and they don’t only practice sex for pleasure, but also for humiliation and pain. These sex games can spice up a bit their sex life and they cement the relationships they have.
In this scene, we can see one of those vicious fucks where the asses are destroyed and left gaping after the treatment by cock. This may look brutal but both of the guys are enjoying it a lot as the pain and pleasure mixed together are bringing all that they want from the carnal aspect of their relationship. Read more...


Fucking in the mouth

Gay men who just came out of the closet are facing many problems. Disapproval of the society and surrounding isn’t the only thing they should worry about, as they are also pretty inexperienced in the way of making love amongst gays. Sometimes, the fresh guys look for those more experienced ones to teach them the ways of the cock. This video is all about this. As this lovely guy with beautiful blue eyes just confessed to everybody that he is the gay few weeks ago, he didn’t want to lose any more time and he went to a famous gay bar in search for the adequate lover. Read more...


Rough time in prison

New bitches in prison are always popular and they are instantly targeted by old inmates who are looking to take them and fuck them, making them their lovers by force. This dude was all out of luck as he robbed the gas station when he was left without money and he needed it to buy some crack. During the robbery he wounded the clerk working on that station and that was just ideal combination to get the lifetime in prison, without the possibility of parole. The trial was quick and he was sent to the infamous prison in the Arizona. Read more...


Best Videos on Drill My Hole

Since gay men are allowed to serve in the army, there has been quite some action in the barracks. We can see one such action in this kinky video, as the sergeant is screwing disobedient soldier with all power and force possible.
Young criminals who go to the prison are facing not only their inmate’s cocks, but also some real punishment from the prison guards. We can see one such group punishment in this video, as several asses are being rammed while dirty prison guard takes turns on them.



Some really hot scenes can be seen in drillmyhole.com, and I was pretty nicely surprised with the quality of material that can be found there. There is no faking and all of the videos are full of thrilling gay sex with some brutal and violent elements. This is far from anything that is available on the usual sites of this type. Models are really something special as they are all very well selected. They look good and they are pretty experienced and skilful, as it can be seen in every single scene. This site gave me some really nice time and I would recommend it to anyone who likes hot gay porn.
Anthony Owen, Louisville, KY